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The Other Two \ Super Highways [FBN 390 CD]

Factory Benelux presents an expanded CD edition of the second album by The Other Two, the electronic pop duo comprising Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order.

The Other Two came into being in 1990, spurred by Morris and Gilbert's work on television soundtracks, as well as a temporary lull in New Order activity during which Electronic (Bernard Sumner) and Revenge (Peter Hook) also released sidebar albums. Recorded for Factory Records, debut O2 album The Other Two & You was finally released in 1993, produced by the duo with synthpop maestro Stephen Hague.

Super Highways, the second O2 album, followed in 1999. Produced by Stephen and Gillian with Tim Oliver, vocals are shared by Gillian and Melanie Williams, best known for her guest vocal on hit single Ain't No Use by Sub Sub. The title track was also issued as a single, augmented with remixes by Andy Votel and Cevin Fisher.

The 3 bonus tracks on the CD include the Fisher and Votel mixes, as well as a clubby K-Klass remix of Tasty Fish from the debut album. Cover art by Peter Saville and Howard Wakefield. CD released under licence from Warner Music UK Ltd.

Also available from FBN mailorder is an optional 9 track bonus CD, The Other Disc, featuring the two versions of Swing released on a limited edition 12-inch single in 2011, along with six more versions including remixes by members of Factory Floor, and rare track Satisfied. The catalogue number for The Other Disc is FBN 127 CD.

CD tracklist:

1. You Can Fly
2. Super Highways
3. The River
4. One Last Kiss
5. Voytek
6. Unwanted
7. New Horizons
8. Cold Feet
9. The Grave
10. Hello
11. Ripple
12. Weird Woman
13. Super Highways (Votel Mix)
14. You Can Fly (Cevin Fisher Mix)
15. Tasty Fish (K-Klass Mix)

Available on CD only. Mailorder copies of the CD are despatched in a special FBN slipcase. To order either format please first select correct shipping option (UK, Europe or Rest of World) and then click on Add To Cart button below the cover image.

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Super Highways [FBN 390 CD]
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"Not far behind Electronic is Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert's self-deprecating, accidental side-hustle, The Other Two. If you've not got these albums your New Order collection should be considered incomplete. Super Highways is more odd fish than tasty one, but there's still much to enjoy here, and the evocative, rumbling synth sweeps of The Grave show why the pair command work as standalone composers. While they may not be the brawn behind New Order, these outings show why The Other Two are very much the brains... On the mail order-only extra The Other Disc the three Factory Floor remixes are bangers" (Electronic Sound, 04/2020)

"Morris and Gilbert stick squarely within the boundaries of breezily euphoric Eurodisco, epitomised by the single, We Can Fly, and more stately electro ballads like Unwanted. For variety, there are occasional flirtations with semi-junglist scuttlebeats and a spooked ambient interlude entitled The Grave" (Uncut, 02/1999)

"The duo definitely front-loaded Super Highways with 'the hits,' which ironically turn out to be the least rewarding songs on the album. The River, where Gillian's understated vocals take over, is much more to my liking, with an excellent string hook and a very strong chorus. It turns out not to be fluke, as the remainder of the album grows steadily more interesting, likeable, and contemporarily relevant. Once it gets going, Super Highways is packed full of catchy beats, inspired arrangements, tight structures, and great melodies that would have made for a great New Order album had Bernard Sumner handled the vocals. In fact, there are even some moments (like the treated classical vocal snippet in Weird Woman) that arguably surpass Stephen and Gillian's day job. Even sans Sumner, Super Highways could have been a pop hit, had it been released at the right time and with proper promotion" (Brainwashed, 2010)

"Super Highways may not be as accessible as their first, but given the repeated listenings it demands, the album proves rewarding. While the music has some New Order overtones, the Other Two have created their own sound, much like Electronic managed to do on their third release. New Order fans will enjoy the music, but it is different enough to keep non-New Order fans interested as well. The basis of the music remains in the pop category, but this time around it's more aggressive. Complete with dance beats approaching and sounds mixed into the music, it's all there for your exploration. In a just world this album would top the charts and be available wherever CDs are sold. It hasn't, and it isn't, but it's well-worth the search. You will not be disappointed" (Allmusic, 09/1999)

"Extra-curriculars from New Order's Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert, with a bigger, clubbier sound" (Uncut, 04/2010)

"The River, third track in, is just beautiful. A lovely vocal, sympathetic playing and a touching song about loneliness, this is one of their best. Unwanted is one of a few here that nudge towards a more traditional indiepop sound in a very appealing fashion. There's a lot of guitar on this one framing a gentle but touching lyric of regret, rain, bus stops and hope - a real winner. Hello even has a guitar solo in its synth strings and indiepop arrangement, another fine effort. In my view Super Highways is just the better of the two O2 albums, recovering after an indifferent start to build something of real substance that you could cut a rug to into the bargain. Side two of the original record is particularly strong, the sound of The Other Two truly carving out an identity of their own" (Louder Than War, 02/2020)

Super Highways [FBN 390]