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The Other Two \ The Other Disc [FBN 127 CD]

Factory Benelux presents a bonus 9 track CD by The Other Two, the duo comprising Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order, with cover art by Howard Wakefield.

The Other Disc features the two versions of 02's hard electronics track Swing, released on a limited edition 12-inch single in 2011 to accompany an exhibition by Peter Saville and Anna Blessman. To this are added six more versions of Swing including remixes by members of acclaimed post-industrial group Factory Floor, as well as rare 02 track Satisfied.

The Other Disc is available only as an optional extra with mailorder copies of The Other Two and You (FBN 330 CD) or Super Highways (FBN 390 CD).

CD tracklist:

1. Swing Outside
2. Swing Inside
3. Swing Robot
4. FF Dom Remix
5. Swing Low
6. FF Gabe Remix
7. Swing Inside *2
8. FF Nik Remix
9. Satisfied

Available on CD only. To order please select correct shipping option for FBN 330 CD or FBN 390 CD and click on Add To Cart button below the cover image, or else contact FBN by email for signed for or tracked delivery.

The Other Disc [FBN 127 CD]
The Other Disc [FBN 127 CD]