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The Durutti Column \ Treatise On the Steppenwolf [FBN 63 CD]

The very first soundtrack album by Vini Reilly. Treatise On the Steppenwolf comprises incidental music to a performance piece by experimental theatre group 12 Stars, written and directed by Gerard McInulty (of fellow Factory group The Wake) and first staged in Glasgow in May 2003.

The 60 minute album combines studio versions of the 12 pieces performed during the Glasgow run, as well as two bonus live tracks recorded at the event, one featuring spoken-word narrative by cast member Carolyn Allen. Booklet includes images from the live performance as well as artist quotes.

A gatefold double vinyl edition of FBN 63 will be available on Record Store Day on 22 April 2023, featuring 3 previously unreleased tracks from Human Avatars, an art installation staged in Manchester in 2005. This edition is limited to 1000 copies, pressed on 180g black vinyl, with revised artwork by Howard Wakefield.

CD + digital tracklist:

1. A Beautiful Thought (Pt 1)
2. Stupid Steppenwolf (Pt 1)
3. Stupid Steppenwolf (Pt 2)
4. The Mothers & the Fathers
5. A Wolf Of the Steppes
6. Interlude
7. The Title On the Cover
8. Divided
9. Magic Theatre
10. Soul Track
11. Harry Dreams the Dream
12. A Beautiful Thought (Pt 2)
13. Lullaby (live)
14. Mello (live)

2xLP tracklist:

A1. A Beautiful Thought (Pt 1)
A2. Harry Dreams the Dream
A3. A Wolf Of the Steppes
A4. Interlude
A5. The Title On the Cover
B1. Divided
B2. Magic Theatre
B3. Soul Track
B4. The Mothers & the Fathers
B5. A Beautiful Thought (Pt 2)
C1. Stupid Steppenwolf (Pt 1)
C2. Stupid Steppenwolf (Pt 2)
C3. Human Avatars (Pt 3)
D1. Human Avatars (Pt 1)
D2. Human Avatars (Pt 2)

Available on CD and digital (MP3 + FLAC). Mailorder copies of the CD ordered from FBN are delivered in a special FBN slipcase. To order please select first correct shipping option (UK, Europe or Rest of World) and then click on Add To Cart button below cover image.

Or, you can order with the option of tracked shipping from our friends at Burning Shed (click here to order)

Treatise on the Steppenwolf [FBN 63]
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"At the centre of it all, bathed in a glow that's both beatific and rock n' roll, Reilly plucks delicately away. There's something haunting about Carolyn Allen and Kenny McGlashan's casual, almost throwaway lack of contrivance, as, egged on by the music's heartbreaking beauty, their rituals work their way towards some kind of higher ground" (Glasgow Herald, 05/2003)

"Reilly's thin, heavily chorused guitar jangle is present and correct as always, but there's also a very electronic feel to certain cuts which take beat loops and vocal snippets as their basis. It's an instantly identifiable linguistic code, teetering on motion blur ambiance" (Boomkat, 08/2008)